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Dream #3 from Nov 16: The Land of Peter Pan

I keep a dream journal.  I would like to share a dream I recently had with you.  italics – signify what I actually wrote immediately upon waking

I was walking through a bustling town, with hundreds of people.  They all looked different – light skin, dark skin, pink skin, green skin, light blue skin, orange hair, brown puff hair, tall folks, short folks, etc.  We all wore clothing that appeared stitched and patched together, but mostly of “Earthly,” natural colors.  Brown, tan, and warm lightening was bleeding out everywhere.  The light poles interspersed throughout this town gave off a warm orange hue.  I felt compassion and love from everyone and everything there.

I was in a group of three, both men I knew from real life – one from my early childhood, and the other friend I had just met a couple of weeks ago.  We were on a quest.  There was urgency in our stride.  At a certain point during our expedition through the town, I moved both my arms from my side to the air in a motion reminiscent of leading an orchestra.  With my mind, I thought “fly”. Slowly and haphazardly, my body began lifting up above my comrades, and I was floating in the air maintaining my ability to keep up with their brisk pace.  I noticed other individuals were floating above the crowd from my newly mastered perspective.  Maybe only certain people could do this?  Or maybe some people just preferred using their feet?

We came up to a shopkeeper – it was an exterior shop, reminiscent of a yard sale.  ”Where are we?” I asked the keeper.  “Have you read Peter Pan?  It’s about this place,” he said.  My comrades purchased some nicknacks that I was completely oblivious to.

We’re off to our next and final destination.  An amphitheater, with a stage, was filling up with an assortment of citizenry.  The comrade from real life that I met a couple of weeks ago, played drums when he was younger.  I asked, “Where is he going?”  Someone telepathically told me he’s going to the “spit crew” — aka pit crew.  Their accent was psychically sent to me alongside their message.  I thought it was cute.

In the audience, there was a musical instrument that resembled a piano.  The crowd was mesmerized as I approached this odd looking piano.  I began playing a Jazz-like concoction.  The keys I pressed and played during my serenade did not match up to the tones and frequencies of a normal piano, and yet, what I was emanating from this instrument was an exact release of the tune that was buzzing from my consciousness.  Everyone was thrilled!  After 15 minutes, I’m telepathically urged to get on the stage already, the show was about to start.

I make it to the stage.  “Do you enjoy being a Dream Thresher?” It was a fish creature.  Ironically in the bass section of the band, there was this humanoid with dark yellow skin with streaks of green.  Her mouth was big and round akin to a bass fish.  She had no eyelashes, but beautiful black and round eyes nonetheless.  Her fingers had a thin film of webbing between them.  She was wearing the traditional “Earthly” garments that everyone else was wearing.  I was in the back next to the bass section.  There, I was so utterly excited by a stack of varying keyboards – none of then were strictly rectangular in shape.  Most of these keyboards had nice curves, and were of the colors of leaves during an Autumn’s fury.  The biggest musical keyboard only spanned two octaves, but who knows what technology these instruments were truly wired up with.

I saw my other comrade in the chorus section, and yes, in real life he sung in a chorus group.

Everyone was taking their seats in the audience, and telepathically the concert was just about to [...] I abruptly woke up from my dream.  It lasted from 5:00am to 5:30am, however in the dream several hours passed.

So many children, adults, so many different kinds of people.  I’ve been there before!!!!!  ”I haven’t been here in 9 years.” I told told them (the shopkeeper, the female from the bass section, etc), they were so happy.  They [real life entertainment] know the stuff in Peter Pan is true, that is why they make movies about it.  

I could play the piano really good!!!  They had about 7 different sized pianos.  A concert was about to start, but I woke up before it started.  ”I used to come here all the time.”  I remember being there atleast twice before: when I was in my early teens, and when I was in my early twenties. However, this was the first time it was lucid enough to ask questions and receive answers.

I’ve been writing down all my dreams for the last 3 months, I suggest to everyone that you do the same.  These are not merely dreams, something much grander is happening when we sleep…