An Unbiased Account of Humanity’s Origins


Throughout all of my life, the question that frequently arises was simply, “Where did I come from?”   Subsequently, I would ask, “Why do we all look different?”  Growing up in the American Southeast within the depths of The Bible Belt, my grade school history classes were teaching a curriculum that had long expired.  It was simple: white people came from Europe, and black people from Africa were exported to America as slave labor.  Human Civilization was an export from Europe, and all other people in the world were more savage than civil.  Being a Black American, the history of my lineage started as a savage in Africa.  Without many options, I took on several Western Civilization classes, detailing the creation, the expansion, and several downfalls and uprises within both Europe and America.  Always beginning with the Dark Ages, and always implying the history before this time was insignificant or simply did not exist.

The inquisitive nature of my mind has never allowed such a belittlement of humanity.  What about Asians?  What about the Native Americans?  Why am I called a Black guy when my skin is brown?  Why are White people called white even though their skin is not the color white?  Why are Black people labelled colored, when in fact a White person’s skin, hair, and eyes has  a much wider variety of colors?  At the time, my adolescent mind could not wrap my head around the origins of these differences.  Well, upon finishing college here in the South, and after spending tens of thousands of dollars on the most up-to-date textbooks and curriculums, the story did not change.

This faux and biased perspective of history, without a doubt, scars our youth.  They are fed histories that breed generations of humanity who fit neatly at the ends of a spectrum.  One side has a heightened superiority complex that breeds hate and disgust for the apparent lowlifes and scum on the other side – the inability to empathize. While the other side of the spectrum hate themselves, becoming a black hole of unworthiness – the lose of all humanity.  Each side of this spectrum lives within a construct of fear of and for (anger, jealousy) the other side.  Any individual that floats within this spectrum are victimized, stereotyped, and eventually coerced to pick a side of the fence. Something must change.

East Africa: The Location of Adam and Eve

The reasons I frequently dismissed the origin story that lies within Christianity were simple:  how could a single man and a single woman create the billions of people we have today? Where did all this diversification in out genetics come from?  We are told that children from incest will be prone to defects and untold amounts of genetic misfortunes.  However, what if Adam and Eve were two of the most genetically diverse creations ever to be conceived?  Each carrying genes more varied then we could ever imagine?  Scientist have uncovered evidence that modern humans originates from East Africa.

If Adam and Eve originated in East Africa with light skin, modern humanity would have never flourished.  This imagery has corrupted cultures around the world into believing a faux History.

If Adam and Eve originated in East Africa with light skin, modern humanity would have never flourished. This imagery has corrupted cultures around the world into believing a faux History.

How could humanity go from Africans, with black/indigo skin and hair, to Europeans with light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes?

African DNA has more genetic diversity1 than anywhere in the world.  Based on the genetic markings appearing in the genes of Europeans today, it has been documented that human migration from Africa to Europe occurred more than 30,000 years ago.  The patterns, revealed by a recent study, support the idea that humans originated in Africa, then spread into the Middle East, followed by Europe and Asia, the Pacific Islands, and finally to the Americas.  The article continues to say that people of African descent are more genetically diverse than Middle Easterners, who are more diverse than Asians and Europeans.  Native Americans possess the least-diverse genomes.


Francis and Arlette with Seth and Daniel. These parents, native to Congo, gave birth to a light-skinned, blonde-haired child.

A Black couple, both native to the Congo2, recently gave birth to a newborn baby boy with light skin and blonde hair – albinism it was not.  It was ruled a genetic mutation.  Natives of Congo would be more genetically diverse, with more genetic markers, than a majority of the world’s population.

There are accounts of African descendants with naturally blonde hair3, Solomon Islanders.  Since most studies in human genetics only includes participants with European descendants, it is important to realize that we are getting a very biased view of which genes and mutations influences the traits investigated.  In the article, they sought to test whether one of the most striking human traits, blonde hair, had the same (or different) genetic underpinnings in different human populations.  The particular variant responsible for blonde hair in the Solomon Islands is absent in the genomes of Europeans.  The human characteristic of blonde hair arose independently in equatorial Oceania.


Further research revealed that the particular variant responsible for blond hair in the Solomon Islands is absent in the genomes of Europeans.

Blonde Melanesians have blonde that is unique solely to them4. According to the study5 in which scientists compared 43 blonde hair islanders to 42 dark hair islanders, blonde Melanesians have a variant of a native gene called TYRP1 that plays an important role in the melanin biosynthetic pathway. This variant is completely separate from what causes blonde hair in Europeans, and doesn’t even exist in the European genetic set.

Geneticists have discovered that small populations representing the ancestral population of Melanesia (a chain of archipelagos in western Pacific, near northeastern Australia: New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Bismarck, and Fiji) possess one    of the highest genetic diversity amongst human populations.

Geneticists have discovered that small populations representing the ancestral population of Melanesia (a chain of archipelagos in western Pacific, near northeastern Australia: New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Bismarck, and Fiji) possess one
of the highest genetic diversity amongst human populations.



This new research offers a different perspective on the “apparent distinctions between humans from different continents, often called racial differences.

Another mutation that we are all familiar with?  Blue eyes6.  A specific mutation within the HERC2 gene, a gene that regulates OCA2 expression, is partly responsible for blue eyes.  This single mutation, which arose as recently as 6-10,0007, is responsible for all the blue-eyed people alive on Earth today.  This mutation arose by chance somewhere around the northwest coasts of the Black Sea in one single individual.  Below is an African boy with blue eyes. This photo is, perhaps8, the best example of a black African, non-mulatto, non-albino, with blue eyes. Also, the boy in the picture does not appear to have Waardenberg Syndrome, which is another source of blue eyes in blacks.

African Boy Blue Eyes

A Black African, non-mulatto, non-albino, with blue eyes.

12 ,000 years ago there is evidence of massive flooding and weathering effects9 that smoothed out portions of the Sphinx.  10,000-14,000 years ago10, there is evidence of the end of an ice age.  Around 10,000 years ago, the genetics of the first blue eyed human is discovered.  Around 12,000 years ago a channel was opened up that allowed further migration up to the Northern lands, or possibly the climate was more appropriate for exploration.  Those are all amazing… Coincidences.

Neanderthals and Modern Humans

Neanderthals first began11 appearing in the fossil record between 600,000 and 350,000 years ago, while the modern human started appearing12 in East Africa 195,000 years ago.  Also, as far back as 140,000 years ago, modern humans began appearing in East Asia.  60,000 years ago, modern man appears on Australia.  So, from 195,000 to 60,000 years ago modern humans advanced well enough to navigate and explore the world?

Ancient maps of Antarctica13 that predates 12,000 years have been discovered.  Archeologist such has Graham Hancock have substantial evidence14 of ancient civilizations that explored the sea prior to 12,000 years ago.  This explains how Australia became populated by modern man 60,000 years ago.  All of the people of this ancient society would have had dark skin, which shouldn’t matter, but needs to be said.  All of this may seem far-fetched, but just look at how far we’ve advanced in the last 100 years.  Modern man disseminates all over the globe, on coastlines, near water,  within warm and mostly tropical conditions.


A team of scientist studied the origins of the gene which causes red hair and discovered it is older than the modern humans that migrated to Europe from Africa.

Over 12,000 years ago, the ice age goes into a melting frenzy, leaving Europe open for migration from Africa to northern territories.  A mix of warmer climates and possibly human dominance killed off the remaining Neanderthals in North Africa.  The modern humans that migrated up north, and later created the base population for Europe, further diversified their gene pool.

During this major migration15, scientist have evidence that modern humans and Neanderthals were swapping genes between 37,000 and 86,000 years ago.   Many Europeans have relatively heavy brow ridges, and a high angle of their noses reminiscent of Neanderthals.  The mixing of genetic material16 between humans and Neanderthals may have helped modern day humans ward off dangerous diseases, funguses or viruses.  In fact, a team of scientists studied17 the origins of the gene which causes red hair and discovered that it is older than the modern humans that migrated to Europe from Africa.


Before the earliest documented accounts of civilization, humanity around the globe had already become a melting pot. The emerging genetic diversity was more staggering than we have been led to believe.

Recently, I had a discussing with one of my light skinned brethren, and he told me all Black people are descendants from Neanderthals.  Hmm, I understand that we are all people of African descendants.  I also understand that all of us are genetically diversified on a level few people are capable of comprehending.  However, as I look at my own body, my upper body has a frame reminiscent of the typical frame of African descendants (hairless, slender).  My lower body is thick and wide-kneed, hairy and freckled, with wide thighs… very European (Neanderthal-esque?).  There are so many African-American body types, and there are just as many European-American body types.  I have seen white people with African frames and body types.  Genetically, we are all related, and we are all from the same source.  To be told “all Black people are descendants from Neanderthals” is pure ignorance, and to say “all White people are….” is just as ignorant.

So in essence, Africa is in all of us.  Adam and Eve – how would they create the populations large enough to create mountainous civilizations?  Well, incest amongst the richest, most genetically complex humans would yield children that are just as genetically complex.  Mutations would occur in a rapid-fire succession, or slow and steady – 50,000 or more years of genetics is enough time to create a plethora of mutations that either died or thrived.  Our meager 70+ lifespans makes it almost impossible to fathom what 50,000 years feels like.  The split that migrates up north mingles with Neanderthals, given us traits like heavy coats of body hair, new colors of hair,  and new types of skin and hair properties.  The northern populations was less diverse due to their distance and limited contact with the motherland.  But, the mixing of genes with Neanderthals helped further diversify, improving their immune systems; ergo, countering the isolation.  I would speculate that this intermingling of sub-species occurred all over the world, not just in Europe.

The Expansion of Civilization, Religion and Language

Between 10,000 and 5,000 BC after the melting frenzy of the ice age, major advances in civilization occurs all over the world within a short time period – nearly simultaneously.  Pyramids and monoliths are built almost everywhere – an ancient underwater pyramid off the coast of Japan18, Etruscan pyramids found in Italy19, underwater pyramid found off the coast of Cuba20, etc.  In 3,200 BC, the birthplace of Western civilization, Greece21 is concocted.  It’s on record that information for several philosophies and teachings in Greece were from The Mystery Schools of Egypt.  Pythagoras, and Plato both waited22 over 20 years preparing to be accepted into the mystery schools.  Among the other people who studied there were Aristotle, Copernicus, Kepler, Isaac Newton, Napoleon, and Da Vinci – those are just some of the Western figures, not taking into account Eastern influencers who also sought knowledge.


The Pyramids of Giza were literally a star map of the sky, indicating the civilization there knew amazing astronomy. They possessed amazing technologies as well, with hundreds of tons of rock stacked up so tightly, it rivals our modern technology.

It does not fully explain where diversity in language, religion, and culture came from.  Or, where the technology and insight to build civilizations were cultivated.  I believe the humanity that incubated between 195,000 to 60,000 years ago may have evolved much grander than we could ever imagine.  Some catastrophe wiped their slate clean, and we had to start over again.  History repeats itself, because that’s what it does.  We had to start over again.  Each time, the world gets more and more fragmented like a hard drive.  It gets harder to read and write data to it, so to speak.  Maybe we’re currently getting defragmented, and elements are purposely destroying data so that we come back together (or become partitioned) in a very purposeful way. Our beliefs have been diversified just as our genetics.  It all comes from the same source. That’s why the many religions of the world have parallels, (IE – the same events, the same animosities towards fear-based living, etc).

A War Against the Foundations of Humanity on Earth

The reasons why this system of biased history is in place has everything to do with dividing and conquering.  Keep “We the People” fighting and fearing amongst ourselves, and we will never ever come together. Like astronomers who build ever-larger telescopes23 to peer deeper into space, population geneticists are probing the human genetic code in unprecedented detail, confirming our origins in Africa, where today the most genetically diverse range of people reside. Unfortunately, most wars occur on Earth’s richest biological regions24.  80 percent of the world’s armed conflicts from 1950 to 2000 occurred in regions identified as the most  biologically diverse and threatened places on Earth.  An estimated 51 million people have been killed in wars between 1945 and 200025.  Almost a third of these deaths were amongst the population of China.  China, Vietnam, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan suffered the highest number of war deaths during this period.  After 2000, approximately 700,000 deaths26 have been documented.

Territory size shows the proportion of deaths worldwide directly attributed to war of conflict that occurred there between 1945 and 2002.

Territory size shows the proportion of deaths worldwide directly attributed to war of conflict that occurred there between 1945 and 2002.

Remember, only about 51 million have been documented.  I expect if you were to include the undocumented deaths, this number would be astronomical!  The facts should give you incite into the underlying war on humanity that is taking place.  The evidence speaks for itself.  We are told there are 8 billion people on Earth, and that number is growing exponentially, yes?  Yet, in areas where longevity of certain DNA strands and genetics is crucial for the survivability of the human race, there is death from war, and decay from disease.  Give this cycle another 100 years, and Earth’s population turns into a cesspool of true incest, instigating an echoing wave of genetic self-destruction.  I’m not sure what our global leaders’ true intentions are, but human life and human perseverance is not one of them.

Are humans with more Neanderthal genetics dumber?

You have to realize that after 200,000 years of the modern humans spawning wave after wave of offspring, simply calling America a melting pot downplays how genetically intertwined we all are. Certain dogs are documented as more aggressive than others, or more intelligent than others.  For example, you have labrador retrievers and chihuahuas – two very different dogs with very different traits.  However, if you have a white guy and a black guy — as said before, you can have a white guy with more African traits than European/Asian traits, a black guy with more Asian traits than African/European trains, a white guy with more Asian traits… and slight percentages of Neanderthal all over the place, etc.  Even traits specific to regions are plentiful in diversity, rendering them difficult to characterize and narrow down.

Breeds of dogs have certain personality traits, however races of humanity are more genetically diverse than you've been led to believe.

Breeds of dogs have certain personality traits, however races of humanity are more genetically diverse than you’ve been led to believe.

So Black people (or more appropriately those with a deeper connection to East Africa), can have mutations in their genes that yields every hue of “hu”-manity, even light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.  I definitely agree and defend that differences in body frame arose from inbreeding with Neanderthals or Old Humans.  I doubt that Neanderthal and Modern Humans were the only sub-species of Humans 600,000 to 200,000 years ago, however the birth and cultivation of modern humanity began in East Africa.  Furthermore, modern human races are not considered subspecies, for a variety of biological and political reasons.

Race vs. Species.

Too many times in human history, race and species are confused. To be a different species, there must be a reproductive barrier.  I have seen White people will body types similar to African traits, and vice versa. We are already genetically mixed and mingled. To classify anyone as Black or White, and to further classify the mentalities of these races is an act of ignorant futility. We need to stop confusing race with species — and most importantly, you cannot put the races of humans on the same plane as the breeds of dogs. Yes, race in humans is akin to breeds in dogs.  Even though there are different breeds of dog, they are all dogs from a common ancestry.  However, our genetics have already been minced and mixed.

Every human being is as unique as a fingerprint, whereas each breed of dog have common unique traits.  However, you can condition a pit bull to be the kindest most affectionate dog, or the meanest.  A majority of human intelligence is genetic, yes, but there’s a large amount of societal conditioning thrown in the mix.  If humanity was taught about its origins with an unbiased and fact-based methodology similar to what I have formulated, racism and prejudices will be eradicated, and religions such as Christianity and Islam will be vindicated.  It all comes from the same source – we are all one.

Why are black people more aggressive?  Why are white people so docile?

These are ignorant paths to walk.  All stereotypes of behavior are mostly the result of societal conditioning.  We are all human beings vulnerable to conditioning.  Consciousness is a cultural element27.  The culture educates a person to have awareness and awareness gives consciousness.  Cultures use music, clothes, foods, dance, text books, myths, stories, religion, folktales, art and science to create society.  The smallest unit of a society is the individual.  The individual is the mirror of a culture.  The culture gives a person a belief system and beliefs give a person emotions.  A reaction to your emotion is called a feeling.  A feeling that lasts a long time is called a mood.  In other words, feelings are based upon culture.  Consequently a Black American that hears Chinese culture’s music will not instantly get up and dance because they have no feelings for that music.  If a White American has been conditioned to believe all civilization came from European civilization, learning that civilization began in Africa will not resonate with them.

Where did the first modern humans come from?

Until that great moment in human history when all is revealed, you will find your own personal answers from within - whichever truths resonates with you will become the truth.  Whether you find your answers with religion, with science, or with spirituality, you must always remember that we all share a common denominator that originates in East Africa. We are all brothers and sisters from the same source. The lineages that branched away from that source are all pebbles of the same sand.  And ultimately, this should bring us together, not tear us apart.



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