The Power of Silence

“Obama is an African Muslim. The same people that sent Africans off to slavery in the U.S.A.

There has to be some reason for the destruction of the black community in America. There has to be a reason that black leaders (rappers) are telling black people to destroy their own communities and families. 

I don’t think black Americans will be shipped back to Africa, but I do think that African America is being led down the path to destruction. There is absolutely no resistance from within the community. 

Biggest mistake black people ever made was accepting third world status, i.e. “African American”. African America is a goddamn cesspool. You live in America, you’re a fucking American. This African America shit needs to GTFO!”

- Black Guy

This was a comment of mine from several years ago.  With a frothy cocktail of frustration and perpetual angst, the synergy from this unfortunate mental conditioning was unnerving, rendering my mind emotionally unpredictable.  No doubt, I was responding to petty inflammatory bantering  from an obscure online forum, one of many  first world banes.  Most times, it is utterly futile to try and respond by elaborating with intricate  ideals and thought-provoking rhetoric.  The bottom line is that we try to stab a wound into the annoying adolescent creatures who dare speak within our respective domains, without thinking of what harm it does to us.

It really is incredible how our minds, and what we believe, are infinitely malleable if we don’t even know who we are.  I read my comment from years ago, and realize that I didn’t quite have all the pieces of the puzzle as I do today.  This was before I knew why “African America [appears to be] a goddamn cesspool.”  I was bleeding from my ears with patriotism for the land of the free, and fed up with the labels of society pegging me in specific stereotypes and constructs relating to the color of my skin.  Emotionally, it was akin to feeling like an animal trapped in a cage – denied affection, denied attention, denied a voice, denied from the truth.  My consciousness was in a daze because I was too busy searching for the truth in everyone and everything other than myself.

The more you share you personal truths with the world, the more ferocious the world tries to put you and your silly thoughts down – just like a rabid animal.  You hear of the “sheep” analogy time and time again.  However, you don’t ever truly comprehend how powerful that idea is until you go against the system.  All the characters and personas of your life that you thought were standing side by side with you, will viciously turn against you, kicking you out of the powwow.  In the blink of an eye, you are all alone, kicked out of the tribe and left for dead.  All of this because I don’t know my place?

Anger, frustration, destructive semantics – it’s as if I’m not allowed to use any of these tools, ever!  Why, when other people, who are more sheep than wolf, apply these fear tactics, they are welcomed and always encouraged, never discouraged?  While, when I release angst, I am instantly removed and belittled like the common cold.  The common colds of the world are removed instantly, but the cancers that fester are allowed to exist, grow, consume.  I’m treated as if I’m just the common cold, but I understand completely that I’m an antibody.

In retrospect – on the job, in institutions like marriage, school, even plastic friendships – these are components of our society.  When we plug ourselves into the matrix, we must act and behave with an extremely specific demeanor.  This… this goes against everything I believe in and cherish.  We are to be authentic to ourselves, and our emotions.  However, time and time again, I would fail to realize that sometimes being the bigger man, and standing up for what you believe works in tandem with remaining silent.  Time and time again, my pride forebodes silence as a form of weakness.  That is yet another construct of society that we must break out of – silence can be your greatest forte.

Almost all the pain and misery I have endured all my life was due to being vocal. But, I’ve had life experiences where SILENCE was the cause of my greatest pains, and my greatest miseries. There really isn’t a sure fire rule of thumb to follow. This is most frustrating. So how do we know if we should be adamantly vocal, or adamantly silent? ALWAYS BE AUTHENTIC. Authenticity can never be achieved if you are walking the path of fear, that’s the secret. Always remember that.

So here I am, trying to figure out what the hell this ignoramus of a dude is saying, and who the hell this moron is… saying shallow rhetoric, blaming African Muslims for allowing thousands of Africans to succumb to slavery, and I realized that this idiot was me. I was deathly afraid of society’s illogical labeling, but even more afraid of myself for not conforming, ever. I didn’t realize that succumbing to fear was conforming. It’s time to walk the path of love kiddos! After-all, it’s the only way you will ever figure out who the hell you are.

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