Life After Nine Eleven

Learn to forgive. 


Step #1 – When you are bullied, it is important that you forgive your bully.

If you’re a Christian that means pray for them.  If not, that means feel empathy for your bully:  put yourself in their shoes, try to figure out their agenda, and learn how to forgive.  This is crucial.  Otherwise, you will become the very thing you despise.

Whoever let 9/11 slide through the cracks will have to to answer to their God.  Listen to Nine Inch Nails “Head Like a Hold” a few times:

head like a hole
black as your soul
I’d rather die than give you control

bow down before the one you serve
you’re going to get what you deserve

Karma is a very powerful thing.  It’s been over ten years since 9/11 without any of the arrests we’d like to occur.  Where is the justice? Where is human righteousness?  Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  But trust this system of Karma, and realize that their souls are black.  So black that those responsible for 9 1 1 have black holes for souls.  Don’t let them control you, stop feeding them your life energy.  Do not OCD over anything that’s futile.   In the end, those responsible will get what they deserve.  If you send out negative thoughts and wallow in misery, that is EXACTLY what they want you to do.  When you’re being bullied, it is not your responsibility to help the bully see the light.  Your only responsibility is maintaining your own inner peace.  Having an inner peace, and becoming an obelisk of light is a WMD that we cannot afford to forget about.

Music video by Nine Inch Nails performing Head Like A Hole. (C) 1989 Interscope Records

Step #2 - Move on, live your life to serve others.

For God’s sake, do something!  Get passionate about something.  If that means doing whatever you can to wake up the masses, great!  However, you’re not going to get very far spiritually if you are unable to build something with your bare hands.  Humans were built to become a walking talking microcosm of The Infinite Creator, God, Jehovah, whatever you call it.  If we are not concocting as the loving carpenters we innately are, we are no longer human (See The Matrix).  Congratulations, you’ve just given your soul away if you are obsessed with Miley Cyrus, football, etc.  I’m not saying denounce all of it, just saying do not waste your precious time!  We only have so much time on this Earth, what have you contributed to humanity besides waste and decay?  Remember, when you buy that latest iPhone, that’s not helping anyone!


Step #3 - Be Authentic.

Whatever you do in life, follow your intuition and follow your personal belief system.  Unplug from society for a while.  Figure out who the hell you are when you’re not constantly swimming in a sea of consumerism.  Hell, I’ve been zombified for too long! After so long, you forget who you are… who you were when you were a child.  Maintain that childlike innocence!  It is so important to be able to smile, laugh, dance and play.  No, I’m not saying play Grand Theft Auto V (though, I’d probably play that if I had a console — just being authentic), I’m really saying it is important to not only let the mind play, but also the spirit.  NO!  It is not good for your spirit to drive around in a video game and kill digital manifestations of people for hours and hours.  NO!  It is not good for your spirit to get drunk and high everyday.  What is good for the spirit is saying “No!” to all the available methods of instant self-gratification.  It doesn’t last very long, it’s fake!  Be authentic and listen to your inner consciousness — surprise!  That’s the spirit yelling at you, telling you in detail how to recharge your spiritual batteries.  If you’re stoned, drunk, obsessed over insignificance, you will become your greatest enemy.


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