No Doping, No Problems

We all have inner demons that we are afraid to release unto the world.  How do we keep it contained?  How do you prevent a rabid beast from leashing out and attacking the world?  By sedating the hell out of it, or putting a muzzle on the son of a gun.  That’s the easiest way to subdue all fears.  Smoke a dubie, and simmer down.

It’s true.  Smoking mary jane does open your mind, and indefinitely changes your perspective and perception of the realities we are all projecting.  Personally, it has allowed me to experience art, music, and all human creation on a level I never thought possible.  Yes, this does sound utterly spectacular until that dark side of the moon makes its ugly appearance.  You are having the time of your life doping up every once in a while.  A puff here, a quick puff there.  Then you meet up with friends who dope up every time you hang out with them.  Every once in a while becomes every week.  A year later, you began smoking daily during the evenings as a reward system for getting all your work done.  Finally, you start smoking up every morning and evening, every single day.  Years later, you lose all your ambition.  Your only ambition becomes hanging out with that friend with that drug as much as possible.  You do not fear anything or feel anything, all that exists is the next high.  In the meantime, countless job opportunities and divinely ordained paths are ignored and moved aside for a lighter and a bong.

I recommend reading Confessions of a Pot Smoker. 

I developed Anxiety Disease, and suffered from frequent panic attacks, never blaming the act of smoking too much, always blaming the world around me. Long story short, I could no longer hangout and enjoy the company of others unless they too were avid marijuana users.  How limiting.  My life became a rinse-repeat cycle that accumulated to me constantly feeling alienated, and a never-ending cloak of paranoia.  I lost my job recently — my income was reduced to nil.  No, it wasn’t because of pot smoking, it was mainly because I decided to quit smoking.  I was forgetting what it meant to be alive.  Remember, society doesn’t care about you – all that matters is that you are zombified and buying as much useless crap as possible.  I started caring about myself, I forgot what that feels like.  Thus, I forgot how emotionally diverse I am.  No one knew who this man was — he’s talking more, he’s thinking better, he’s more confrontational, he’s fired…. 

It’s important that you live your life with a clear head.  Maintain the sanctity of your temple, aka The Body.  If you disrespect your body, it’s only a matter of time before your mind and spirit suffocates.  Take responsibility for your emotions, without giving anybody or any substance your remote control.  If you don’t, you will never be able to accomplish what you came to Earth to do.  We are here to create an empire for our temples to evolve and grow!   Get it done, or feel lost and confused forever.  Forgive yourself for being so weak-minded, and move on! 

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