Coast to Coast AM w/ David Sereda (13 November 2013)

David Sereda has a lot of information pertaining to UFOs and Paranormal research.  I AM DONE WITH THAT CRAP! He says he’s seen hundreds of entities, and in the last 3 minutes of this recent interview on Coast to Coast AM, he spouts that he’s seen Jesus Christ and Satan??  Wow, talk about leaving a sour aftertaste.  That kind of rhetoric is strong enough to encourage people to disregard everything he previously said!  I almost did, but my intuition leads me to believe a lot of alternative scientists are forced to throw in UFOs and ghosts so that the government does not go after them.  Make 80% of your presentation based on truth, add 10-20% of false information, and you get to keep living.  Then there’s the case of that 10% of garbage will probably pay the bills.  There are fleets of people who truly believe this UFO phenomenon, and have tons of money to spend for answers.

With that said, one of the themes of my site is how we are all riding a wave of consciousness (See Theory of Consciousness Expanded Upon)

From An Unbiased Account of the Origins of Life: Light stores the data and transport the data. Sound manipulates and changes the data. Gravity holds it in place, and creates time. Light + Gravity creates life. Light + Sound creates consciousness. Sounds + Gravity creates the garbage collection and frameworks of star systems.

Every celestial object is generating a frequency.  When this frequency enters our atmosphere, it can be interpretted as a sound.  Earth naturally gives out a frequency at 7.3 Hz — every planet is tuned to a different frequency.  The human mind is the ultimate receiver, and at various moments of the day, when we are asleep, when we are children (etc), it is more strikingly tuned to specific celestial objects in our star system, and throughout the cosmos. David Sereda has also done work with water, and how different frequencies alter the states of water.

Sereda claims to have created a machine that can disseminate a frequency directly to the human mind, and as he sleeps, his consciousness is taking on a type of DMT trip directly to those celestial objects.  His trump card is how the pyramids are angled at a dimension that connects directly with 5.151 Hz – the pyramids would house religious figures and act as a bell resonating this frequency to those on the inside, giving them vast incites into human consciousness.

From personal experiences, I have revisited the same foreign locations in my dreams, and this is precisely linked up to how relaxed, or happy I am.  People in general, tend to stop dreaming as they get older.  This is due to all the stress, all the drugs, all the alcohol, mudding up the frequencies we are sensitive to.  After I stopped doping, I would begin to dream again.  After months of cleaning my mind, body and spirit, my dreams are generally very lucid and I am revisiting places in my dreams that I remember going to as a child.  The very same places!  This time around, I’m asking question to the wanderers I meet, and I am blown way by the implications.  More on this in future articles.

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