Five hours of pure Mckenna at his best

Terrence McKenna had a brilliant mind. This video reminds me of how little scientists actually know about how the world works, and that science is just as arbitrary as religion.  For example, in 1972 it was decided that the speed of light equals 299,792,458 meters per second, even though the reading instruments scientists used for recording would greatly vary.  Anything that does not respect the history behind the science is thrown out the window, or alienated.

Psychedelics are a gateway to other realms of reality.  This is a fact that is easily refutable to those who have never had these experiences.  From my own first hand accounts, when there was a warping of reality, the degree of change is observable by everyone who takes the trip – it is a shared experience.  There is a reason why psychedelics and other mind alternating substances are outlawed by big government.  Terrence McKenna believes early modern man had psilocybin – a psychedelic component found in certain plants/mushrooms - in there normal diets, which accounts for their preposterous levels of growth in consciousness and expressivity.  How did modern humans invent speaking, and communication with the use of language?  That is a question that McKenna enjoys pitching to his audiences.  This expansion of the human experience is as remarkable as the creation of civilization.  Psychedelics open up a world where beings are able to teach and share knowledge with us.

Some ideas discussed:
History repeats itself, consciousness is a shared experience, holographic information can be shared between shamans [singing, musical frequencies], why civilization despises psychedelics, details of some of his trips, the differences of DMT and ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms, the time wave theory, and much more!

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