Are you a moth or a lightbulb?

Have you hit rock bottom?  Feeling lost and confused?  Congratulations!  So do the 7,999,999,999 people who are scattered across the globe.  8 billion people… most of you cannot even fathom how big of a number that is.  At some point life is going to slap you in the face and call you its subservient bitch.  When it happens, you have a choice: sink or swim.  Unless you’re one of the millions of starving and compassion-deprived children that were unfairly born in a life of poverty, you will always have this option.

The most beautiful thing about being human is enjoying the pleasantries of free-will.  Even when society is bombarding you with a culture that devalues and belittles, and every clique that has adopted you kicks you out of the club, as long as you have a soul and you’re happy, you’ll always get an opportunity to bounce back.  Always. Finding that silver lining can sometimes be frighteningly impossible, but it is always there!

We are all capable of completing our own personal journeys alone.  There’s no need to force others to nurture you.  Once you start letting your own light shine, it’s only natural that the warmth from your lightbulb will attract the moths.

Are you a moth or a lightbulb?

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