All sciences are the study of energy creation and consumption – social science was engineered to direct energy from the beasts of a civilization to those who are worthy, thus silent weapons were concocted that would govern those incapable of governing themselves.  If you do not think, and do not use the intelligence bestowed by your god, you are no better than a beast.  Therefore, there is an unspoken contract that you have signed that gives the worthy total control over your energy.  Energy creates wealth.  Wealth is energy.  From a very young age, we are assigned a role in this society – a life long role.  To achieve total control, the parents must live to work instead of living to raise their children.  The children will be raised in state institutions.  This type of slavery must remain firm in order to guarantee the ruling class does not have any opposition.

pale horse

All sciences – computational, aircraft dynamics, networking, etc. can directly translate to economics.  All equations on improving or destroying the integrities of the objects manipulated by said science, can be directly equated to economics.  In fact, the inductions of new sciences may be a driving factor of the inductions of new studies of economics, and vice versa.  Mathematics is in everything – true understanding of the math behind the science yields a true understanding of the science behind economics, and thus, controlling the masses.

To truly understand an economy, one must fully understand electronics, and thus mathematics.

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Etc – all these companies should be thought of more as governments – their output is human activity.  The output of governments is human activity.

To stabilize and economic system on the verge of collapse means war, or the creation of a social welfare program (IE – NASA, Obamacare, War on Terrorism, World War II, Etc).

So, if we are in a machine that must continue to operate on the energy of its population – how do we change the system to get us out of this “slavery to the machine”?  The energy must be free energy.. A system based on free energy would not benefit any small group of beneficiaries.  Because this plutocracy has existed in every modern civilization, in order to evolve and move forward, the machine must be converted to use a different energy source.  Free Energy is the weapon, but that weapon is in control of the benefactors of our current economic machine.  Any attempt by the “beasts” (sheep) of the machine to create this free energy is patented and shelved indefinitely.  The governments (corporations) within our governments are soldiers that ensure any act of opposition is nothing short of squandered.

Spreading knowledge and embracing our divine intelligence is our only means of opposition.  Even with knowledge, we are forced within the confines and constructs of our society — the beasts within our society have been programmed to squash opposition.  Those who are our greatest thinkers live lives of the greatest isolation.  The system kicks us out.  We must somehow learn and study the system to make it react and respond predictably.  Just as there is a science to study the aerodynamics of a plane that flies in the air — we must study the impact of turbulence and variances in wind, in order to force the frame to collapse into itself.  We must use the sciences that they have used against us, against them.

A seed must be planted, nourished, and allowed to peacefully destroy the machine from the inside – akin to a computer virus.  That virus is knowledge, and rising above your habitually hand-fed rhetoric from a modern civilization’s faux beacons of knowledge.  We must all realize that each of us need to be the change, and become our own beacons of knowledge.  We must think for ourselves, and stop feeding the machine with our energy — otherwise, wars will continue, social welfare programs will continue, the destruction of our individual souls will continue.  When will enough be enough?

Where is your breaking point?

It’s been systematically removed from all of us as children.  We must not surrender our individual sovereignties.

Subtle Weapons?  Allowing governments to tells us what we can and can’t do with our bodies.  Watching television with obvious agendas – lowering our frequencies, rendering our minds incapable of thinking.  Inaction does not only mean “failure to protest”, it also means failure to learn and study the machine.  Failure to love ourselves and to belittle our mental and emotional capacities.


We must redefine what wealth is, and redefine what being alive is.  We must understand who and what we are, and understand how this machine we call “modern civilization” works, otherwise you are consenting to slavery.  The origins of the American Constitution had all of this in mind, yet the beneficiaries of our energy output has defecated all over its fundamentals, because we are nothing but beasts to these individuals.  They have power because they have knowledge.  We have nothing because we are merely brainless beasts.  We act like brainless beasts.  Individuals within the construct of society that rise above are shut down.  We must all rise above together.

But, how…..

(Inspired by the first 10% of Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper)

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