Never a Dull Moment

Life… amazing ain’t it? I’m currently experiencing rock bottom for the specific purpose of loving myself again.  I’m broke – unable to afford any of my previous vices, unable to socialize with the “vampirical” socialites of my life.  Thankfully I have enough creative pizzazz to come up with activities that have nullified the void in my soul, even allowing it to grow and shine!  It is important that the people in your life nurtures your soul, as opposed to draining it dry!

I’m used to living in a never-ending downward spiral.  Never realizing how fortunate

things were when the going was anything but rock bottom.  However, for the first time in eons, I can finally say that it’s spiraling up – skyward bound, hopefully with endless momentum.  There’s never a dull moment.  Today, join me.  Let’s embrace this loving flow of energy together, channel it into something constructive.

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