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Europeans and Indians Share Same Light-Skin Mutation

A continuation of An Unbiased Account of Humanity’s Origins:

Indians, Europeans Share _Light-Skin_ Mutation _ Discovery News


From the article at Discovery News:

Basu Mallick and her colleagues took skin color measurements for about 1,228 individuals in Southern India. The researchers then conducted a genetic analysis and found that about 27 percent of the skin color variation was due to a variation in a skin pigmentation gene. Called SLC24A5, this gene code for lighter skin is present in almost 100 percent of Europeans.

The team also examined the gene in 95 people around the subcontinent and found that both South Asian and European populations inherited this particular variant from a common ancestor who lived sometime between 22,000 and 28,000 years ago.

“We don’t know the origin of this mutation. We just know that they have a common ancestor,” Basu Mallick told LiveScience, referring to both South Asians and Europeans.

Based on the genetic markings appearing in the genes of Europeans today, it has been documented that human migration from Africa to Europe occurred more than 30,000 years ago.  Then a mutation occurred that yielded lighter skin in all those in Europe, and a percentage of those in India.  Maybe that’s what began the horrid caste system there – dark skinned and light skinned modern humans clashed and absorbed each other there to claim territory and fertile lands?  The origins of racism is a topic that greatly interests me, and will be explored in future articles.

From there, Modern Humans are estimated to arrive in America about 30,000 years ago, which contradicts everything I was taught in school.  If it was 30,000 years ago, these inhabitants would have been dark-skinned, spreading throughout the Americas.

Did Humans Arrive in Americas 30,000 Years Ago? _ Discovery News

From the article at Discovery News:

Historians commonly believe that humans first crossed to the Americans from Asia 12,000 years ago. But a new exhibit in Brazil features artifacts dating back as far as 30,000 years ago, 18,000 years earlier than previously believed.

We are living in an amazing day and age when truth has been consistently bubbling to the top of this glass of science.  It truly is exciting.

Dream #3 from Nov 16: The Land of Peter Pan

I keep a dream journal.  I would like to share a dream I recently had with you.  italics – signify what I actually wrote immediately upon waking

I was walking through a bustling town, with hundreds of people.  They all looked different – light skin, dark skin, pink skin, green skin, light blue skin, orange hair, brown puff hair, tall folks, short folks, etc.  We all wore clothing that appeared stitched and patched together, but mostly of “Earthly,” natural colors.  Brown, tan, and warm lightening was bleeding out everywhere.  The light poles interspersed throughout this town gave off a warm orange hue.  I felt compassion and love from everyone and everything there.

I was in a group of three, both men I knew from real life – one from my early childhood, and the other friend I had just met a couple of weeks ago.  We were on a quest.  There was urgency in our stride.  At a certain point during our expedition through the town, I moved both my arms from my side to the air in a motion reminiscent of leading an orchestra.  With my mind, I thought “fly”. Slowly and haphazardly, my body began lifting up above my comrades, and I was floating in the air maintaining my ability to keep up with their brisk pace.  I noticed other individuals were floating above the crowd from my newly mastered perspective.  Maybe only certain people could do this?  Or maybe some people just preferred using their feet?

We came up to a shopkeeper – it was an exterior shop, reminiscent of a yard sale.  ”Where are we?” I asked the keeper.  “Have you read Peter Pan?  It’s about this place,” he said.  My comrades purchased some nicknacks that I was completely oblivious to.

We’re off to our next and final destination.  An amphitheater, with a stage, was filling up with an assortment of citizenry.  The comrade from real life that I met a couple of weeks ago, played drums when he was younger.  I asked, “Where is he going?”  Someone telepathically told me he’s going to the “spit crew” — aka pit crew.  Their accent was psychically sent to me alongside their message.  I thought it was cute.

In the audience, there was a musical instrument that resembled a piano.  The crowd was mesmerized as I approached this odd looking piano.  I began playing a Jazz-like concoction.  The keys I pressed and played during my serenade did not match up to the tones and frequencies of a normal piano, and yet, what I was emanating from this instrument was an exact release of the tune that was buzzing from my consciousness.  Everyone was thrilled!  After 15 minutes, I’m telepathically urged to get on the stage already, the show was about to start.

I make it to the stage.  “Do you enjoy being a Dream Thresher?” It was a fish creature.  Ironically in the bass section of the band, there was this humanoid with dark yellow skin with streaks of green.  Her mouth was big and round akin to a bass fish.  She had no eyelashes, but beautiful black and round eyes nonetheless.  Her fingers had a thin film of webbing between them.  She was wearing the traditional “Earthly” garments that everyone else was wearing.  I was in the back next to the bass section.  There, I was so utterly excited by a stack of varying keyboards – none of then were strictly rectangular in shape.  Most of these keyboards had nice curves, and were of the colors of leaves during an Autumn’s fury.  The biggest musical keyboard only spanned two octaves, but who knows what technology these instruments were truly wired up with.

I saw my other comrade in the chorus section, and yes, in real life he sung in a chorus group.

Everyone was taking their seats in the audience, and telepathically the concert was just about to [...] I abruptly woke up from my dream.  It lasted from 5:00am to 5:30am, however in the dream several hours passed.

So many children, adults, so many different kinds of people.  I’ve been there before!!!!!  ”I haven’t been here in 9 years.” I told told them (the shopkeeper, the female from the bass section, etc), they were so happy.  They [real life entertainment] know the stuff in Peter Pan is true, that is why they make movies about it.  

I could play the piano really good!!!  They had about 7 different sized pianos.  A concert was about to start, but I woke up before it started.  ”I used to come here all the time.”  I remember being there atleast twice before: when I was in my early teens, and when I was in my early twenties. However, this was the first time it was lucid enough to ask questions and receive answers.

I’ve been writing down all my dreams for the last 3 months, I suggest to everyone that you do the same.  These are not merely dreams, something much grander is happening when we sleep…

Theory of Consciousness Expanded Upon

Article from Dated Nov 14 2013

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist | Mail Online


“Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking. When we die, we do so not in the random billiard-ball-matrix but in the inescapable-life-matrix.”

It’s just a theory — that life and reality do not exist without our personal consciousness. I believe we should take this a step further. We may have an individual consciousness, but there must be a wave of consciousness that we are all riding (Listen to Coast to Coast AM w/ David Sereda). This would explain why paradigm shifting inventions can occur on Earth simultaneously. This explains how monkeys of a similar type: when one monkey adopts a new habit, every monkey emulates it globally. Maybe every animal on Earth is riding their own wave of consciousness. When we die, our contributions to this global consciousness remains intact, and that individual wave that we ride is still there…

This reminds me of a copper wire, the electrical signal (our mind) is zapped through this wire and makes a loop throughout this motherboard (A), this energy is the source of creation. Afterwards, our signal or energy is zapped back up to the source, the creation of this energy (B). Think recursive. Maybe consciousness is the conglomeration of A1, A2…. A[infinity], and Life is the journey when an A becomes a B, an alternates back to A.  However, when we are alive in the biological sense, we still have a connection back to this source of creation.

And this system of consciousness is held together by an earlier thought of mine: Light stores the data and transport the data. Sound manipulates and changes the data. Gravity holds it in place, and creates time. Light + Gravity creates life. Light + Sound creates consciousness. Sounds + Gravity creates the garbage collection and frameworks of star systems (See An Unbiased Account on the Origins of Life)

“Maybe life is just a recursive algorithm passing the objects: light, sound and gravity. These appear to be the basic building blocks.”

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Frequency of (Individual) determines location where consciousness comes from, and where it goes upon death.

Ars Technica: Canine conundrum: Did dog days dawn in Europe?

Article from Ars Technica Dated Nov 14, 2013

Canine conundrum_ Did dog days dawn in Europe? | Ars Technica


Dogs were prevalent 36,000 years ago, before the advent of farming. Most likely they originated near Europe. While Neanderthals were swapping genes with modern humans between 37,000 and 86,000 (See An Unbiased Account of Humanity’s Origins). It is probable that those modern humans, as the ice age was receding, migrated north becoming the dominant predator in those regions, and nurtured the pups that were the most docile. The dominance of certain genetic mutations that occurred in humans also occurred in our canine counterparts. But it doesn’t explain how and why domestication occurs…

How can you domesticate the “wild” out of a “wild animal” ? Does this imply that ALL animals can become domesticated?  I’m reminded of the Garden of Eden, a time when man and animal were supposedly in a state of peace.  Basically, you would collect a wild animal, and breed the pups that had docile tendencies.  On top of that, it is doable to domesticate a feral animal, just have plenty of food available.  However, as soon as you take away the food, the animal can easily revert back to a feral mentality.

That makes me think about what the role of society is, in the broadest sense – the domestication of mankind?  Then, there’s the introduction of welfare programs, capitalism, egotism, institution and whatnot, further removing us from that mechanism that governs our innate instincts of survivalism. “It’s illegal to hunt here, it’s illegal to hunt this animal, it’s illegal to fish there, it’s illegal to raise chickens here, it’s illegal….” When this system breaks down, and if civilization collapses, there is a high probability that humanity will regress to a feral mindset.

It’s frightening to think that all the progress humanity has made thus far can be instantly negated in a blink of an eye, as easily as a pig reverting back to a wild boar.


From Wired: “What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory”

Article From Wired, an interview with Sean Carroll Dated 02/26/2010What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory - Wired Science


Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at Caltech where he focuses on theories of cosmology, field theory and gravitation by studying the evolution of the universe. Carroll’s latest book, From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Timeis an attempt to bring his theory of time and the universe to physicists and nonphysicists alike.

So the universe is one of many snowballs rolling down a mountain cliff. Each snowball being its own universe, with its own laws of physics. Time is what allows the snowball to roll downhill, growing and expanding as it rolls towards[...]. Measuring the amount of growth in this snowball is how we can measure the characteristics of time. When this snowball reaches [...], an anomaly occurs and another snowball, or many snowballs are created. So this river of time and creation is forked, creating even more rivers. He says that we probably can’t go back in time… probably.

I feel like he’s tactfully saying all life, and all creation could not have came from a single source, but it had to start in some way.

He’s using the microcosm of a particle with a half life, and the correlating characteristics of spontaneous particle creation, to describe how these multiverses are conceived. I believe a more accurate microcosm would be the conception of life – the human body has 100 trillion cells. All of these cells work in tandem to create different functions, that work together to create different organs, which work together to keep all the biology tick tocking like a clock. Throw in some consciousness, and you have life.

I believe comparing a galaxy to a human body, and a universe to a human society would be more accurate. There are different universes with different laws of physics, just as there are different human societies with their own moral codes and ethics. So what would time be in that analogy? Sean Carroll says Entrophy is equivalent to time. The more disorderly something becomes is directly proportional to time – and specifically time moving forward. Because nothing in the universe moves forward into order, only disorder, you can never go back in time, only forward. But, human societies rise and fall, and history repeats itself over and over again. I believe time repeats itself, and creates loops, while moving forward at the same time just as humanity does. But ultimately, you cannot have time without celestial objects bumping and grinding with each other, and they bump and grind with each other in loops while expanding outward towards [...]. Maybe [...] is when one heavenly system collides with another, or a star goes super nova….

Coast to Coast AM w/ David Sereda (13 November 2013)

David Sereda has a lot of information pertaining to UFOs and Paranormal research.  I AM DONE WITH THAT CRAP! He says he’s seen hundreds of entities, and in the last 3 minutes of this recent interview on Coast to Coast AM, he spouts that he’s seen Jesus Christ and Satan??  Wow, talk about leaving a sour aftertaste.  That kind of rhetoric is strong enough to encourage people to disregard everything he previously said!  I almost did, but my intuition leads me to believe a lot of alternative scientists are forced to throw in UFOs and ghosts so that the government does not go after them.  Make 80% of your presentation based on truth, add 10-20% of false information, and you get to keep living.  Then there’s the case of that 10% of garbage will probably pay the bills.  There are fleets of people who truly believe this UFO phenomenon, and have tons of money to spend for answers.

With that said, one of the themes of my site is how we are all riding a wave of consciousness (See Theory of Consciousness Expanded Upon)

From An Unbiased Account of the Origins of Life: Light stores the data and transport the data. Sound manipulates and changes the data. Gravity holds it in place, and creates time. Light + Gravity creates life. Light + Sound creates consciousness. Sounds + Gravity creates the garbage collection and frameworks of star systems.

Every celestial object is generating a frequency.  When this frequency enters our atmosphere, it can be interpretted as a sound.  Earth naturally gives out a frequency at 7.3 Hz — every planet is tuned to a different frequency.  The human mind is the ultimate receiver, and at various moments of the day, when we are asleep, when we are children (etc), it is more strikingly tuned to specific celestial objects in our star system, and throughout the cosmos. David Sereda has also done work with water, and how different frequencies alter the states of water.

Sereda claims to have created a machine that can disseminate a frequency directly to the human mind, and as he sleeps, his consciousness is taking on a type of DMT trip directly to those celestial objects.  His trump card is how the pyramids are angled at a dimension that connects directly with 5.151 Hz – the pyramids would house religious figures and act as a bell resonating this frequency to those on the inside, giving them vast incites into human consciousness.

From personal experiences, I have revisited the same foreign locations in my dreams, and this is precisely linked up to how relaxed, or happy I am.  People in general, tend to stop dreaming as they get older.  This is due to all the stress, all the drugs, all the alcohol, mudding up the frequencies we are sensitive to.  After I stopped doping, I would begin to dream again.  After months of cleaning my mind, body and spirit, my dreams are generally very lucid and I am revisiting places in my dreams that I remember going to as a child.  The very same places!  This time around, I’m asking question to the wanderers I meet, and I am blown way by the implications.  More on this in future articles.

Five hours of pure Mckenna at his best

Terrence McKenna had a brilliant mind. This video reminds me of how little scientists actually know about how the world works, and that science is just as arbitrary as religion.  For example, in 1972 it was decided that the speed of light equals 299,792,458 meters per second, even though the reading instruments scientists used for recording would greatly vary.  Anything that does not respect the history behind the science is thrown out the window, or alienated.

Psychedelics are a gateway to other realms of reality.  This is a fact that is easily refutable to those who have never had these experiences.  From my own first hand accounts, when there was a warping of reality, the degree of change is observable by everyone who takes the trip – it is a shared experience.  There is a reason why psychedelics and other mind alternating substances are outlawed by big government.  Terrence McKenna believes early modern man had psilocybin – a psychedelic component found in certain plants/mushrooms - in there normal diets, which accounts for their preposterous levels of growth in consciousness and expressivity.  How did modern humans invent speaking, and communication with the use of language?  That is a question that McKenna enjoys pitching to his audiences.  This expansion of the human experience is as remarkable as the creation of civilization.  Psychedelics open up a world where beings are able to teach and share knowledge with us.

Some ideas discussed:
History repeats itself, consciousness is a shared experience, holographic information can be shared between shamans [singing, musical frequencies], why civilization despises psychedelics, details of some of his trips, the differences of DMT and ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms, the time wave theory, and much more!

An Unbiased Account on the Origins of Life

Based on a collection of works:
The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock
Black Hole Sound Waves
Rewinding evolution: Scientists alter chicken DNA to create embryo with ‘alligator-like’ snout
Growing Earth Theory (Forum)
Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life

The Power of Water: Vibrations

Celestial objects, all celestial objects, even black holes emanate sounds waves.  A black hole was recorded sending it the lowest frequency ever recorded I read once. B flat, but some 57+ octaves below a typical piano (which can be thought of as magnitudes of earthquakes in terms of power). Power… meaning, the lower the sound frequency, the further it can be “heard”. Of course, not by human ears. However, we all know different frequencies (notes A B C D E F G) change water into various forms of sacred geometry (Watch the above video). This same geometry that can be traced and mapped out within planets. In fact, the Bermuda triangle and 11 other “mysterious” places on earth where documented craziness happens directly correlates with such geometry. (Watch Event Horizon for more info).


Sound waves 57 octaves lower than middle-C are rumbling away from a supermassive black hole in the Perseus cluster.

Of course not by human ears, but on a massive scale… we are all receivers, picking up on “waves” all around us. I bet lightwaves can be felt and interpreted by our sense just as sound waves – one uses the eye, one uses the ear. Light and sound relate, in terms of generating life – or, consciousness rather. Consciousness is less of an individual thing, and more of a collective thing.  It’s the reason why ideals and inventions are created simultaneously (Wikipedia article) around the globe… this is a normal phenomenon. We are all receiving consciousness with a receiver

…. EVERYTHING in the macro can be explained in the micro. During the creation of a star system, the data it needs to create itself is disseminated with a combination of light and sound waves from “a source”.  It is likely that the positioning of an “Earth” is encoded in this wave of “intelligence” or cosmic consciousness..which is why Earths are so common (See 40 Billion Earth-like Planets Found in Our Milky Way)

Note: I’m using a recursive ideology to explain the macro and the micro… which is interesting.

Of course only celestial receivers can interpret and follow suit when orders are sent from a celestial source. But, this would mean humans are celestial as well.. not our physical bodies, but the interconnectedness of our minds


We are all celestial receivers, picking up on consciousness locally and throughout the cosmos.

Our star system (not solar system, because info has lead me to believe a star system has two stars feeding of each other) is not a flat 2D thing. We are hurling through the space vacuum, and the planets are trailing our Sun in a spiral fashion. I bet that spiral is some form of sacred geometry, and an earth is mathematically placed on the same locations of all star system such as ours. There can be billions like ours because the celestial receiver of our galaxy was tuned into a specific celestial frequency.

Is the Sun Part of a Binary Star

Precession appears to be the evidence right under our noses, telling us that our Sun is also part of a binary star system (in contrast to a lone ball of fire bobbing up and down along its way through the galaxy).

Which leads me back to my original question.. (See An Unbiased Account of Humanity’s Origins) How did the first modern humans just suddenly appear?

A celestial sound or light wave cooked and stewed the sperm of Old Humans similar to how consciousness can be affected by celestial alignments (producing varying cosmic symphonies).  There is a specific timer that has been found where new life intelligently and consciously appears out of no where. For example, pollen plants and honeybees appear, disappear, and reappear concurrently. If a Sun is the macro example of sperm, spewing bacteria to all – the sun grows, and changes on a timer — the Earth fertilizes this material, it too changes and grows, going from one sacred geometry to the next (ie pangea).


The same must be true with us, it happens quicker than larger celestial objects because our “cosmic gear” in this cosmic clock is smaller —it’s all math!! I don’t understand the mechanics of male sperm changing into something else with more complex chromosomes, but scientists have done these experiments on frog/salamanders and are able to bring back extinct life (ie Jurassic park). Thanks NASA for confirming just enough to logically deduce everything else. Think of where humanity would be if Science wasn’t used to control the masses (IE – Religion).

Scientists undo evolution to create a chicken

Scientist can alter the DNA of chickens, turning them into Alligator, proving that evolution can happen more drastically than originally thought.

Light and sound waves is consciousness. Think of art, and music.. artist and musicians are recording consciousness.

When you look at a painting, you feel it. When you listen to music. It is felt. Essentially you are TIVO-ing consciousness. Our society as discovered a way to control our minds, and are selling us the consciousness that they want us to have. That’s why it is so hard as a composer to create anything because our conscience has been belittled and oppressed. When I create anything, I’ve been engineered to despise it. After being rejected so much for tapping into the real consciousness around us, and not this Bullshit pop culture we are fed, we get stuck in a mental loop that discouraged any kind of growth. At some point humanity will naturally reach a breaking point, and we will finally elevate to our next level of being, simultaneously. If course it usually sucks if you discover ideologies and our consciousness prematurely… just ask Jesus.

Maybe life is just a recursive algorithm passing the objects: light, sound and gravity. These appear to be the basic building blocks.

Light stores the data and transport the data. Sound manipulates and changes the data. Gravity holds it in place, and creates time. Light + Gravity creates life. Light + Sound creates consciousness. Sounds + Gravity creates the garbage collection and frameworks of star systems.

If Light + Gravity is the OSI model of life, Sound would create the racks and hardware to get it working.