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Are you a moth or a lightbulb?

Have you hit rock bottom?  Feeling lost and confused?  Congratulations!  So do the 7,999,999,999 people who are scattered across the globe.  8 billion people… most of you cannot even fathom how big of a number that is.  At some point life is going to slap you in the face and call you its subservient bitch.  When it happens, you have a choice: sink or swim.  Unless you’re one of the millions of starving and compassion-deprived children that were unfairly born in a life of poverty, you will always have this option.

The most beautiful thing about being human is enjoying the pleasantries of free-will.  Even when society is bombarding you with a culture that devalues and belittles, and every clique that has adopted you kicks you out of the club, as long as you have a soul and you’re happy, you’ll always get an opportunity to bounce back.  Always. Finding that silver lining can sometimes be frighteningly impossible, but it is always there!

We are all capable of completing our own personal journeys alone.  There’s no need to force others to nurture you.  Once you start letting your own light shine, it’s only natural that the warmth from your lightbulb will attract the moths.

Are you a moth or a lightbulb?

No Doping, No Problems

We all have inner demons that we are afraid to release unto the world.  How do we keep it contained?  How do you prevent a rabid beast from leashing out and attacking the world?  By sedating the hell out of it, or putting a muzzle on the son of a gun.  That’s the easiest way to subdue all fears.  Smoke a dubie, and simmer down.

It’s true.  Smoking mary jane does open your mind, and indefinitely changes your perspective and perception of the realities we are all projecting.  Personally, it has allowed me to experience art, music, and all human creation on a level I never thought possible.  Yes, this does sound utterly spectacular until that dark side of the moon makes its ugly appearance.  You are having the time of your life doping up every once in a while.  A puff here, a quick puff there.  Then you meet up with friends who dope up every time you hang out with them.  Every once in a while becomes every week.  A year later, you began smoking daily during the evenings as a reward system for getting all your work done.  Finally, you start smoking up every morning and evening, every single day.  Years later, you lose all your ambition.  Your only ambition becomes hanging out with that friend with that drug as much as possible.  You do not fear anything or feel anything, all that exists is the next high.  In the meantime, countless job opportunities and divinely ordained paths are ignored and moved aside for a lighter and a bong.

I recommend reading Confessions of a Pot Smoker. 

I developed Anxiety Disease, and suffered from frequent panic attacks, never blaming the act of smoking too much, always blaming the world around me. Long story short, I could no longer hangout and enjoy the company of others unless they too were avid marijuana users.  How limiting.  My life became a rinse-repeat cycle that accumulated to me constantly feeling alienated, and a never-ending cloak of paranoia.  I lost my job recently — my income was reduced to nil.  No, it wasn’t because of pot smoking, it was mainly because I decided to quit smoking.  I was forgetting what it meant to be alive.  Remember, society doesn’t care about you – all that matters is that you are zombified and buying as much useless crap as possible.  I started caring about myself, I forgot what that feels like.  Thus, I forgot how emotionally diverse I am.  No one knew who this man was — he’s talking more, he’s thinking better, he’s more confrontational, he’s fired…. 

It’s important that you live your life with a clear head.  Maintain the sanctity of your temple, aka The Body.  If you disrespect your body, it’s only a matter of time before your mind and spirit suffocates.  Take responsibility for your emotions, without giving anybody or any substance your remote control.  If you don’t, you will never be able to accomplish what you came to Earth to do.  We are here to create an empire for our temples to evolve and grow!   Get it done, or feel lost and confused forever.  Forgive yourself for being so weak-minded, and move on! 

Life After Nine Eleven

Learn to forgive. 


Step #1 – When you are bullied, it is important that you forgive your bully.

If you’re a Christian that means pray for them.  If not, that means feel empathy for your bully:  put yourself in their shoes, try to figure out their agenda, and learn how to forgive.  This is crucial.  Otherwise, you will become the very thing you despise.

Whoever let 9/11 slide through the cracks will have to to answer to their God.  Listen to Nine Inch Nails “Head Like a Hold” a few times:

head like a hole
black as your soul
I’d rather die than give you control

bow down before the one you serve
you’re going to get what you deserve

Karma is a very powerful thing.  It’s been over ten years since 9/11 without any of the arrests we’d like to occur.  Where is the justice? Where is human righteousness?  Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  But trust this system of Karma, and realize that their souls are black.  So black that those responsible for 9 1 1 have black holes for souls.  Don’t let them control you, stop feeding them your life energy.  Do not OCD over anything that’s futile.   In the end, those responsible will get what they deserve.  If you send out negative thoughts and wallow in misery, that is EXACTLY what they want you to do.  When you’re being bullied, it is not your responsibility to help the bully see the light.  Your only responsibility is maintaining your own inner peace.  Having an inner peace, and becoming an obelisk of light is a WMD that we cannot afford to forget about.

Music video by Nine Inch Nails performing Head Like A Hole. (C) 1989 Interscope Records

Step #2 - Move on, live your life to serve others.

For God’s sake, do something!  Get passionate about something.  If that means doing whatever you can to wake up the masses, great!  However, you’re not going to get very far spiritually if you are unable to build something with your bare hands.  Humans were built to become a walking talking microcosm of The Infinite Creator, God, Jehovah, whatever you call it.  If we are not concocting as the loving carpenters we innately are, we are no longer human (See The Matrix).  Congratulations, you’ve just given your soul away if you are obsessed with Miley Cyrus, football, etc.  I’m not saying denounce all of it, just saying do not waste your precious time!  We only have so much time on this Earth, what have you contributed to humanity besides waste and decay?  Remember, when you buy that latest iPhone, that’s not helping anyone!


Step #3 - Be Authentic.

Whatever you do in life, follow your intuition and follow your personal belief system.  Unplug from society for a while.  Figure out who the hell you are when you’re not constantly swimming in a sea of consumerism.  Hell, I’ve been zombified for too long! After so long, you forget who you are… who you were when you were a child.  Maintain that childlike innocence!  It is so important to be able to smile, laugh, dance and play.  No, I’m not saying play Grand Theft Auto V (though, I’d probably play that if I had a console — just being authentic), I’m really saying it is important to not only let the mind play, but also the spirit.  NO!  It is not good for your spirit to drive around in a video game and kill digital manifestations of people for hours and hours.  NO!  It is not good for your spirit to get drunk and high everyday.  What is good for the spirit is saying “No!” to all the available methods of instant self-gratification.  It doesn’t last very long, it’s fake!  Be authentic and listen to your inner consciousness — surprise!  That’s the spirit yelling at you, telling you in detail how to recharge your spiritual batteries.  If you’re stoned, drunk, obsessed over insignificance, you will become your greatest enemy.


The American Dream Has Been Demolished

September 11th and The Bush Administration

The above article was written August 31, 2003.  Ten years later, our government has not addressed any of these issues.  Nothing has been done.  Whenever I think of all the innocent people that were slaughtered, the thousands of soldiers that have died because of a war that was created on a whim by the top brass, all of them greedy and selfish, I am flooded with a level of shamefulness and embarrassment that is almost too overbearing to endure.

Each one of the topics covered in the article September 11th and The Bush Administration are gargantuan enough to cause a total melt down of our government.  Why hasn’t this inevitable snowball of anarchy and chaos transpired? If only Americans would stop being so concerned with their iPhones and HD Theater setups.  Contribute a mere 5% of that energy towards cleaning up the corrupt power-hungry parasitic organizations plaguing humanity (a.k.a. – governments).

So the Federal Reserve has recently been told to identify all the financial institutions that benefited from emergency loans.  Yes!  It’s a victory, right?  No, it’s not. Giving us information and names does like “Osama Bin Laden” and “WMD” does nothing!  We spend thousands of dollars paying the judges and lawyers to pressure the government to change their ways, yet every ACCOMPLISHMENT or VICTORY FOR AMERICANS is simply a releasing of names and tampered information ( Please Read The 9/11 Commission Report).  NOTHING IS EVER DONE!  NO ACTION AGAINST THE GUILTY NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENS.  America as an entity is just circle jerked long enough to become distracted by the latest upset in pop culture (i.e. – Michael Jackson’s death, Miley Cyrus Twerking).

America lacks persistence.  The amount of effort and perseverance for change is directly proportional to generational split offs. Once a certain group of activists reach a certain age, with a certain lifestyle – the group stops caring to push forward.  Basically, once you become entrenched in the institutions that our society encourages (marriage, 2.5 kids, white picket fence), you literally CANNOT be an activist anymore.  The majority of Americans care a great deal for their loved ones – totally understandable.  While your loved ones are plugged into the system, fighting against the system is not an option.  We rely too heavily on our government to protect that what matters most. Can you bite the hand that feeds you?  Most Americans simply cannot. Fear is a very powerful tool.

I just recently watched “They Live” by John Carpenter – released November 4th, 1988. Nada (Roddy Piper) a homeless drifter stumbles upon a pair of sunglasses through which you
can see the world for what it really is, a communist-like environment controlled by aliens. He then joins up with his buddy Frank (Keith David) to stop them. The coolest moments, and the parts of the movie that really hit close to home, were when you saw advertising and pop culture plastered all over buildings and whatnot.  You put the glasses on – that “DRINK PEPSI” ad is actually saying “CONSUME, BUY.”  The ads with the sexy half naked men and women are actually saying “PRODUCE CHILDREN”… and so on.  That is exactly what is happening to our world!  We are programmed from day 1 to eat all this socialist bullshit rhetoric up.  “Mmm, delicious!”


We are slaves. Slavery means you are forced to work against your will with no escape.  What’s bizarre is that in America, we are getting screwed and everyone knows we
are.  “But we are more well off than most third world countries; food, water & shelter is easily available.”  You’re right!  However, my happiness is not measured
by how easy it is to survive.  It is measured by how free I am to do the things I love to do.  In America, the only way I can be a musical composer is if I become an unemployed drug addict?  Of course I’m exaggerating, but I really don’t have any time to create.
Unfortunately, this is the reality of my situation (which is shared among millions of fellow slaves): If what I’m doing does not amount to making lots of money to give to the
government, then it’s a waste of time.

It is extremely difficult for slaves to revolt against their masters.  Please read September 11th and The Bush Administration – it is an important foundation that every
American should submit to.  Even if you can no longer afford to become an activist, humanity can no longer afford your ignorance.