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All sciences are the study of energy creation and consumption – social science was engineered to direct energy from the beasts of a civilization to those who are worthy, thus silent weapons were concocted that would govern those incapable of governing themselves.  If you do not think, and do not use the intelligence bestowed by your god, you are no better than a beast.  Therefore, there is an unspoken contract that you have signed that gives the worthy total control over your energy.  Energy creates wealth.  Wealth is energy.  From a very young age, we are assigned a role in this society – a life long role.  To achieve total control, the parents must live to work instead of living to raise their children.  The children will be raised in state institutions.  This type of slavery must remain firm in order to guarantee the ruling class does not have any opposition.

pale horse

All sciences – computational, aircraft dynamics, networking, etc. can directly translate to economics.  All equations on improving or destroying the integrities of the objects manipulated by said science, can be directly equated to economics.  In fact, the inductions of new sciences may be a driving factor of the inductions of new studies of economics, and vice versa.  Mathematics is in everything – true understanding of the math behind the science yields a true understanding of the science behind economics, and thus, controlling the masses.

To truly understand an economy, one must fully understand electronics, and thus mathematics.

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Etc – all these companies should be thought of more as governments – their output is human activity.  The output of governments is human activity.

To stabilize and economic system on the verge of collapse means war, or the creation of a social welfare program (IE – NASA, Obamacare, War on Terrorism, World War II, Etc).

So, if we are in a machine that must continue to operate on the energy of its population – how do we change the system to get us out of this “slavery to the machine”?  The energy must be free energy.. A system based on free energy would not benefit any small group of beneficiaries.  Because this plutocracy has existed in every modern civilization, in order to evolve and move forward, the machine must be converted to use a different energy source.  Free Energy is the weapon, but that weapon is in control of the benefactors of our current economic machine.  Any attempt by the “beasts” (sheep) of the machine to create this free energy is patented and shelved indefinitely.  The governments (corporations) within our governments are soldiers that ensure any act of opposition is nothing short of squandered.

Spreading knowledge and embracing our divine intelligence is our only means of opposition.  Even with knowledge, we are forced within the confines and constructs of our society — the beasts within our society have been programmed to squash opposition.  Those who are our greatest thinkers live lives of the greatest isolation.  The system kicks us out.  We must somehow learn and study the system to make it react and respond predictably.  Just as there is a science to study the aerodynamics of a plane that flies in the air — we must study the impact of turbulence and variances in wind, in order to force the frame to collapse into itself.  We must use the sciences that they have used against us, against them.

A seed must be planted, nourished, and allowed to peacefully destroy the machine from the inside – akin to a computer virus.  That virus is knowledge, and rising above your habitually hand-fed rhetoric from a modern civilization’s faux beacons of knowledge.  We must all realize that each of us need to be the change, and become our own beacons of knowledge.  We must think for ourselves, and stop feeding the machine with our energy — otherwise, wars will continue, social welfare programs will continue, the destruction of our individual souls will continue.  When will enough be enough?

Where is your breaking point?

It’s been systematically removed from all of us as children.  We must not surrender our individual sovereignties.

Subtle Weapons?  Allowing governments to tells us what we can and can’t do with our bodies.  Watching television with obvious agendas – lowering our frequencies, rendering our minds incapable of thinking.  Inaction does not only mean “failure to protest”, it also means failure to learn and study the machine.  Failure to love ourselves and to belittle our mental and emotional capacities.


We must redefine what wealth is, and redefine what being alive is.  We must understand who and what we are, and understand how this machine we call “modern civilization” works, otherwise you are consenting to slavery.  The origins of the American Constitution had all of this in mind, yet the beneficiaries of our energy output has defecated all over its fundamentals, because we are nothing but beasts to these individuals.  They have power because they have knowledge.  We have nothing because we are merely brainless beasts.  We act like brainless beasts.  Individuals within the construct of society that rise above are shut down.  We must all rise above together.

But, how…..

(Inspired by the first 10% of Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper)

The Power of Silence

“Obama is an African Muslim. The same people that sent Africans off to slavery in the U.S.A.

There has to be some reason for the destruction of the black community in America. There has to be a reason that black leaders (rappers) are telling black people to destroy their own communities and families. 

I don’t think black Americans will be shipped back to Africa, but I do think that African America is being led down the path to destruction. There is absolutely no resistance from within the community. 

Biggest mistake black people ever made was accepting third world status, i.e. “African American”. African America is a goddamn cesspool. You live in America, you’re a fucking American. This African America shit needs to GTFO!”

- Black Guy

This was a comment of mine from several years ago.  With a frothy cocktail of frustration and perpetual angst, the synergy from this unfortunate mental conditioning was unnerving, rendering my mind emotionally unpredictable.  No doubt, I was responding to petty inflammatory bantering  from an obscure online forum, one of many  first world banes.  Most times, it is utterly futile to try and respond by elaborating with intricate  ideals and thought-provoking rhetoric.  The bottom line is that we try to stab a wound into the annoying adolescent creatures who dare speak within our respective domains, without thinking of what harm it does to us.

It really is incredible how our minds, and what we believe, are infinitely malleable if we don’t even know who we are.  I read my comment from years ago, and realize that I didn’t quite have all the pieces of the puzzle as I do today.  This was before I knew why “African America [appears to be] a goddamn cesspool.”  I was bleeding from my ears with patriotism for the land of the free, and fed up with the labels of society pegging me in specific stereotypes and constructs relating to the color of my skin.  Emotionally, it was akin to feeling like an animal trapped in a cage – denied affection, denied attention, denied a voice, denied from the truth.  My consciousness was in a daze because I was too busy searching for the truth in everyone and everything other than myself.

The more you share you personal truths with the world, the more ferocious the world tries to put you and your silly thoughts down – just like a rabid animal.  You hear of the “sheep” analogy time and time again.  However, you don’t ever truly comprehend how powerful that idea is until you go against the system.  All the characters and personas of your life that you thought were standing side by side with you, will viciously turn against you, kicking you out of the powwow.  In the blink of an eye, you are all alone, kicked out of the tribe and left for dead.  All of this because I don’t know my place?

Anger, frustration, destructive semantics – it’s as if I’m not allowed to use any of these tools, ever!  Why, when other people, who are more sheep than wolf, apply these fear tactics, they are welcomed and always encouraged, never discouraged?  While, when I release angst, I am instantly removed and belittled like the common cold.  The common colds of the world are removed instantly, but the cancers that fester are allowed to exist, grow, consume.  I’m treated as if I’m just the common cold, but I understand completely that I’m an antibody.

In retrospect – on the job, in institutions like marriage, school, even plastic friendships – these are components of our society.  When we plug ourselves into the matrix, we must act and behave with an extremely specific demeanor.  This… this goes against everything I believe in and cherish.  We are to be authentic to ourselves, and our emotions.  However, time and time again, I would fail to realize that sometimes being the bigger man, and standing up for what you believe works in tandem with remaining silent.  Time and time again, my pride forebodes silence as a form of weakness.  That is yet another construct of society that we must break out of – silence can be your greatest forte.

Almost all the pain and misery I have endured all my life was due to being vocal. But, I’ve had life experiences where SILENCE was the cause of my greatest pains, and my greatest miseries. There really isn’t a sure fire rule of thumb to follow. This is most frustrating. So how do we know if we should be adamantly vocal, or adamantly silent? ALWAYS BE AUTHENTIC. Authenticity can never be achieved if you are walking the path of fear, that’s the secret. Always remember that.

So here I am, trying to figure out what the hell this ignoramus of a dude is saying, and who the hell this moron is… saying shallow rhetoric, blaming African Muslims for allowing thousands of Africans to succumb to slavery, and I realized that this idiot was me. I was deathly afraid of society’s illogical labeling, but even more afraid of myself for not conforming, ever. I didn’t realize that succumbing to fear was conforming. It’s time to walk the path of love kiddos! After-all, it’s the only way you will ever figure out who the hell you are.

Be Aware of the Subliminal

Look at that Angry Black Woman.  The message is subliminal, but definitely not subtle.  The only ethnic minority happens to be a black woman – she could even be hispanic with those brown highlights and that facial structure.  Needless to say, here’s an advertisement with the header: “WHO TAUGHT YOU ABOUT RESPECT?”  The human being with the most melanin just happens to be ferocious in her demeanor, while the others are calm, collected, passive, sure of themselves, confident, and appear to be really nice people – oh, and they just happen to have the least amount of melanin in their bodies.  There is nothing subliminal about that at all right?  Wrong!  Holy..

South Park’s Angry Black Woman Character

It is absolutely everywhere.  Hell, even when I was in my preteen years there was Susie on the Rugrats, she didn’t take crap from Angelica!  Seriously, what is this about?  Why does it feel like society is painting this picture of what it means to be a black woman, and that painting consistently uses the colors: hate, jealousy, anger, loudness, belligerent, it goes on!  I’m not even going to talk about the subliminal messages we are fed about white women (well, maybe a little).  The saddest thing I have seen concerning how small black women are made to feel, how they are conditioned to have a small dog syndrome (think Chihuahua .. bark, bark bark!!), well two scenarios:

My first girlfriend in middle school.  I made her upset in between the constant submissive adoration I gave her, and she turned it into a mass spectacle in front of everyone during recess.  I mean, yelling, screaming, bringing in all of her friends for moral support, the whole nine!  What did I do to make her upset?  I was fed up with carrying her damn books everywhere, and how selfish she was.  She was undeserving of the compassion I bestowed to her, so one day I called her …the B word.  ”Stop acting like a bitch!”  She even slapped me in front of everyone — yea, it was very traumatic for me, yea I developed an acute form of Posttraumatic stress disorder. Sincerely screwing up future relationships with black women [unknowingly] well into my 20s.  That is the quintessential definition of Angry Black Woman.  A decade later, I’ve forgiven her and forgave myself, and I believe there’s no hard feelings.  Of course I would have given her the world, but I gave her the word – it was her lose.  In my experience, the black woman is getting conditioned to cause chivalry in black men to decay.  It’s a sad scenario.  This conditioning goes both ways: whites usually expect aNGRy explosions in both “Angry Black Women” and “Angry Black Men,” and are conditioned to encourage it as a form of entertainment.  That’s why the advertising on drudgereport subliminally showcases an angry black woman, hilarity will always ensue. 

The second scenario: exiting the parking garage of my previous job, there was a black woman with blonde hair working the register.  Subliminally, young black girls and boys are led to believe white features are more attractive.  There’s nothing malicious about the statistics: most actors on TV, most children shows, most video games, mostly everything feature a white hero or heroine.  It just is.  As of 2010, Blacks only make up 12% of America’s population (down from 14% in 2000).  Anyway, my point?  With societal conditioning or not, it makes sense that the minority of a nation would idolize the majority.  It’s a sad reality that we all must own up to as we get older, while forgiving our younger selves for their diluted self-worth.  This woman, and most black women, are afraid to wear braids.. afraid to wear afros!  The most beautiful, ethnically logical hairstyles are becoming outlawed… literally!! (SEE Ohio School Bans Braids)  And of course, we’ve all heard the stories of young black girls preferring the white dolls over the black dolls.


So I say this with a grain of salt, and the holiest of water:  be aware of the subliminal,  not beware of the subliminal.  It’s so ingrained within our culture and society that there is absolutely no way to protect yourself from it!  It’s there folks.  Everyday you’re alive, strive to rise above the expectations your society projects onto you.  We are all capable of being our own person, with our own dreams.  There is no such thing as acting too white, or too black, or being an angry black man or woman – just be you.  But, be aware of the subliminal.

No Doping, No Problems

We all have inner demons that we are afraid to release unto the world.  How do we keep it contained?  How do you prevent a rabid beast from leashing out and attacking the world?  By sedating the hell out of it, or putting a muzzle on the son of a gun.  That’s the easiest way to subdue all fears.  Smoke a dubie, and simmer down.

It’s true.  Smoking mary jane does open your mind, and indefinitely changes your perspective and perception of the realities we are all projecting.  Personally, it has allowed me to experience art, music, and all human creation on a level I never thought possible.  Yes, this does sound utterly spectacular until that dark side of the moon makes its ugly appearance.  You are having the time of your life doping up every once in a while.  A puff here, a quick puff there.  Then you meet up with friends who dope up every time you hang out with them.  Every once in a while becomes every week.  A year later, you began smoking daily during the evenings as a reward system for getting all your work done.  Finally, you start smoking up every morning and evening, every single day.  Years later, you lose all your ambition.  Your only ambition becomes hanging out with that friend with that drug as much as possible.  You do not fear anything or feel anything, all that exists is the next high.  In the meantime, countless job opportunities and divinely ordained paths are ignored and moved aside for a lighter and a bong.

I recommend reading Confessions of a Pot Smoker. 

I developed Anxiety Disease, and suffered from frequent panic attacks, never blaming the act of smoking too much, always blaming the world around me. Long story short, I could no longer hangout and enjoy the company of others unless they too were avid marijuana users.  How limiting.  My life became a rinse-repeat cycle that accumulated to me constantly feeling alienated, and a never-ending cloak of paranoia.  I lost my job recently — my income was reduced to nil.  No, it wasn’t because of pot smoking, it was mainly because I decided to quit smoking.  I was forgetting what it meant to be alive.  Remember, society doesn’t care about you – all that matters is that you are zombified and buying as much useless crap as possible.  I started caring about myself, I forgot what that feels like.  Thus, I forgot how emotionally diverse I am.  No one knew who this man was — he’s talking more, he’s thinking better, he’s more confrontational, he’s fired…. 

It’s important that you live your life with a clear head.  Maintain the sanctity of your temple, aka The Body.  If you disrespect your body, it’s only a matter of time before your mind and spirit suffocates.  Take responsibility for your emotions, without giving anybody or any substance your remote control.  If you don’t, you will never be able to accomplish what you came to Earth to do.  We are here to create an empire for our temples to evolve and grow!   Get it done, or feel lost and confused forever.  Forgive yourself for being so weak-minded, and move on!